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Most Americans have ethnic and cultural roots outside of the U.S. We're asking you to share cultural traditions that are still important to you.

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My mother was born in Kobe Japan and my father was born in Reading England. My father came to the United States on the SS Liberty when he was six years old and spent the rest of his childhood in Bloomfield, NJ. My mother was born and raised in Kobe, Japan. My mother and father met during several business related conventions. They hit it off, got married, moved to New Jersey and then-had me.

Growing up on Japanese food I must say I do have a taste for it.

I was never fully accepted into one social group due to my background.  So, I tried to identify with all backgrounds. I found that social groups change wherever you go. I embrace all people and all culture.

I have lost some of my ability to speak Japanese because I haven’t been to Japan in a while. I also have not been able to speak to many people in Japanese around me, since there aren’t very many people around me that can.

-Alexander Rekalski, Michigan